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My Drawing of Serena by KamdenLacrosse My Drawing of Serena :iconkamdenlacrosse:KamdenLacrosse 15 4
Pokemon - Tornado warning
It was 3:40 PM in Houston, Texas. At the Bojorquez apartment, Talonflame was sitting on his trainer's bed, looking at the radar. There was currently a little rain shower going on where they are, but that wasn't all they were expecting. The forecast had given them an 80 percent chance of thunderstorms that day, along with a slight risk of severe weather, including the chance for a couple of weak tornadoes and large hail up to 2 inches in diameter. There was currently one cell in between Richmond/Rosenberg and Sugar Land that Talonflame was keeping an eye on, and it was looking nasty, which worried him. The occasional rumbles of thunder outside didn't help, either, and there were more scattered cells around the area. They were also under a tornado watch until 9:00 PM that night. Isidoro was at work, but where he worked had a shelter, so that made Talonflame feel better. He still had to think about protecting Silvina, though.
As he was looking at the radar, he heard the NOAA radio beep ne
:icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 0 0
Pokemon - Sliding off the bed
NOTE: Sorry for how short this is...just decided to write a quick one up.
It was 2:30 PM in Sootopolis City. Ross was laying on his bed reading a book, while his male Glaceon, Frostbite was taking a nap next to him. As he was reading, Frostbite rolled over in his sleep. He, however, ended up rolling dangerously close to the edge of the bed. Ross looked up from his book, and saw him.
"Uh-oh...gotta get him closer to me before he falls." he said. But as he went to reach Frostbite, the little Eeveelution ended up sliding off the bed, falling onto the carpet along with his blanket. He woke up instantly once he hit the carpet. (Huh?!) he gasped, wondering what had happened.
Ross managed to hold down a chuckle as he went to look down at his Pokemon. "Are you okay, Frostbite?" he asked.
(Yeah...) groaned the Glaceon. (What happened?)
"You rolled over in your slee
:icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 0 2
Pokemon - Little ball of fluff
It was a cool spring day in the mountain town of Gunnison, Colorado. In the Yates household, Kayla was in her room, reading a book while her dad was shopping at Walmart. Just then, the door slowly opened, and in came her Flareon.
"Oh, hello, Flareon." said Kayla.
(Hey there, Kayla.) replied Flareon, walking towards the bed and hopping on it.
"Doing good?" she asked him. ( about you?) asked Flareon.
"I'm doing good. Just reading this book right now. It's a story about two young boys escaping from a kidnapper." said Kayla.
(Oh, dear...I don't want to know about that...) said Flareon.
"Don't worry, Flareon. I won't read it out loud. Besides, you can lay next to me and pick out of a book of your own if you want." said Kayla.
(All right...I'm not gonna read, though. I'm just gonna relax next to you...) said Flareon.
"Okie-dokie, bud." said Kayla. Flareon then went next to Kayla, and laid down next to her. Kayla gave him a few belly rubs before going back to reading, which Flareo
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Pokemon - Alex's nightmare
It was 1:57 AM in the Fletcher household. Alex was fast asleep in his bed, his stuffed bear Mr. Fluffy in his arms, until he began to have a dream...
In his dream...
Alex was in his bathroom, standing in the bathtub, not knowing why he was there.
"That's weird...but i'm not gonna explain it." He said. He then walked to the bathroom door to leave and go get a drink.
But when he turned the doorknob, he found that it was locked. Worse yet, the lock was on the other side, and his bathroom had no windows, so his only chance of escape was if someone came and unlocked it.
"Huh? Hey, somebody, get me out! Somebody!" he yelled, banging on the door to try and get his siblings' attention. Unfortunately, it wasn't working.
After 30 seconds of banging and yelling, no one had come to unlock it.
"*sigh* Great...i'm sure everyone else is at school and Niko's outside doing something...Oh, well. I guess i'll relax in the tub for now and wait a little bit before calling for help again." He said. h
:icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 1 5
Pokemon - A new friend
It was a humid day in Texas. Isidoro was driving in his 2015 Nissan Titan on a rural road in the small suburb of Manvel with his Sylveon in the back seat, who was drawing a picture of the Wyoming Cowboys logo. Isidoro had been looking on Craigslist for a used car as a gift for his aunt on her birthday, as she was a big fan of used and older cars. Surprisingly, he was unable to find many used cars in Harris County that were in his budget, as many of them were overbudget. He decided to branch out to the surrounding counties, and it wasn't long before he found a guy down in Manvel selling a 1988 Pontiac Firebird. He called the guy about it, and they agreed to meet at 2:00 PM.
He had brought his trailer with him, so that he could carry the car back to his house and hide it until his aunt's birthday. As Isidoro was driving down the road, he then looked, and noticed in the open land, a Litten that didn't look all.
"Huh?" Isidoro exclaimed. He didn't want to leave the cat out to die
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Pokemon - It was just a dream*
(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) Vaporeon screamed, waking up in the middle of the night. He had just had a nightmare, and in it, he was being abused by his trainer Amber, who had become a nasty, abusive drunk. It was when she whipped the belt towards him the 7th time that he woke up. He let out a few panicked breaths, and then hid under the covers, beginning to cry.
His crying woke up his trainer, who went to his room to check on him.
"Vaporeon, what's wrong?" asked Amber. Although the tone of her voice was calm and soothing, Vaporeon didn't respond out of fear, and didn't want to, curling into a ball underneath his blanket. Amber went over to the bed, carefully getting the covers off over his head and picked him up gently. Somehow still scared of Amber, Vaporeon began to scream and kick his legs.
(AAAAHHHHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY!) he yelled as he kicked his legs.
"Shhhhhh, shhhh-shh-shhh..." shushed Amber. "It's okay... It's okay..."
She wrapped her arms around him in a hug and rested h
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Pokemon - Chikorita's lesson*
It was a humid Spring day in Houston, Texas. Isidoro was at work, leaving Silvina home alone with Isidoro's Pokemon, along with her own. A few weeks ago, Silvina suffered an accident while playing with Litten, breaking her right leg in the process, and she has to stay with a cast on it for at least a month. Garchomp and Swampert now have the job to take care of Silvina while Isidoro is out.
At the moment, Silvina was watching a collection of old Boomerang bumpers on YouTube.
"Man...I know i was around five or six years old when they stopped showing these, but i remember these, and i miss em'..." she said to herself. She then began to feel hungry.
"I'm hungry..." she said, putting away her iPad for the moment and turning to Chikorita. "Chikorita, could you do me a favor?" she asked.
(Uh, sure...what?) replied Chikorita.
"Could you go to the kitchen real quick and heat up a bowl of leftover changua for me from last night?" she asked.
(Uh...You can get that yourself, Silvina. No need to b
:icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 1 24
Mature content
Pokemon - Not too old after all :icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 0 1
Pokemon - Litten's nightmare
It was 1:27 AM in Houston, Texas. Everyone was asleep in their beds for the night. Litten was curled up next to Granger, sleeping with him. He then began to have a dream...
In the dream...
(Ow!) screamed Litten as he was thrown to the ground. His old trainer Lamar had returned, and hadn't changed a bit.
(L-Lamar...p-please...s-stop h-hurting m-me...) he whimpered.
"Not a damn chance, weakling. You ran away from me, and now you pay the price." he said, then pulling out a PokeBall.
Litten froze up. He knew who was in that PokeBall. (N-no...don't!)
"Too late! Buizel, come out and use Waterfall!" Lamar said as he threw out the PokeBall, releasing Buizel from it.
(L-Lamar!) he screamed. Buizel then unleashed a large wave of water headed straight for Litten. The cat tried to dodge, but couldn't, and was swept away in the raging water, as Lamar laughed evilly.
In reality...
(AAAAAAHHHHHH!) screamed Litten, as he shot up out of bed. He then panted to catch his breath for a few se
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Pokemon - Mouth soaping
It was a normal day in Houston, Texas. Silvina hadn't been home from school long, and it was an hour before Isidoro would get off work. At the moment, Silvina was spending time with Litten alone, and they had just gotten done watching an episode of Ed, Edd and Eddy, one of Silvina's favorite cartoons.
"Man, that was funny! I do kinda feel bad for Rolf though." said Silvina.
(Yeah, me too...) said Litten.
"Hey, Litten, could you do me a favor?" asked Silvina.
(Sure. What?) asked Litten.
"Could you go and get me a Sprite, please?" asked Silvina.
(Uhh...Silvina, can't you do that yourself?) replied Litten.
"Litten, i asked you to do a favor for me. Remember what happened last time when Chikorita tried pulling that?" replied Silvina.
(Well, you had a cast, so he deserved it...this time is different. You can walk now, so depending on me to get you a drink will just show that you're lazy and don't want to get off your butt.) replied Litten.
Silvina gasped, before her face turned to one of an
:icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 0 2
Pokemon OC - Jude by KamdenLacrosse Pokemon OC - Jude :iconkamdenlacrosse:KamdenLacrosse 17 1 Clemont (My verison) by KamdenLacrosse Clemont (My verison) :iconkamdenlacrosse:KamdenLacrosse 15 4
Pokemon - Heartbeat
It was another normal day in Lancaster, Ohio. They had just eaten lunch, and Luxray was laying on the couch in the front room, with Jamie sitting next to him petting his mane and ears. As he was being petted, Luxray let out a yawn.
"Tired?" asked Jamie. (Mm-hmm...) replied Luxray, as he looked up at his trainer.
"Why don't you go ahead and lay down for a nap, buddy?" said Jamie, as she petted him.
(All right...) said Luxray. He then looked up at her chest, and decided he wanted to do one thing first. (Can i listen to your heartbeat, Jamie?) he asked.
"Of course, Luxray. You can listen to it anytime." She said. Luxray then slowly got up, and walked over to Jamie, putting his head near her chest so he could listen to his trainer's heartbeat. As he listened to the th-thump, th-thump of Jamie's heart, Memories of listening to it began to go through his mind...
As a Shinx...
(AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!) Shinx let out a scream as he jumped up out of bed. He had just had a nightmare that he had bee
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Pokemon - After a nightmare
It was 12:30 AM in the Stewart household. Bonnie was fast asleep in her bed. She then began to toss and turn, as she was having a nightmare...
In her nightmare...
Bonnie was sitting next to a hospital bed, tears in her eyes. Her brother had been in a coma for a week, and had not woken up yet.
As she was sitting next to him, his heart began to fail.
"No...big brother!" She yelled, beginning to cry.
The doctors came in to try and get Clemont back to life, so far with no success. Bonnie shivered and cried, hoping he would come back. "*sniff* P-please, c-come b-back..." She begged, sobbing.
All that happened next, was the heart monitor showing a straight line.
In reality...
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Bonnie screamed, waking up from the nightmare. She breathed rapidly for a few seconds, before beginning to cry from how terrible the dream was.
Her crying woke up Clemont, who went to her room to check on her.
"Bonnie, what's wrong?" He asked her, walking up to her.
"*sniff* N-ni
:icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 3 9
Pokemon - Needle nightmare
It was around 1:00 AM in Lancaster, Ohio. Jamie and her Pokemon had been asleep for a few hours now on a cold, snowy night. Everyone was having a peaceful sleep. Luxray was asleep next to Jamie, smiling in his sleep. That is, until he began to have a familiar dream.
In Luxray's dreamworld...
Luxray opened his eyes, wondering why he was awake. He then noticed he wasn't in his trainer's bedroom anymore. He then looked down, and he was tied up to a chair, unable to break free. (Huh? W-what's going on?) He said, a little nervous. He then looked around the room, and saw he was in the doctor's office, medical tools laying around. (W-what am i here for?) He wondered.
Suddenly, the walls around him opened up. In an instant, thousands of needles came out like a rocket and surrounded Luxray, stopping before they made contact with his skin. He then went from nervous to frightened.
(No, please!) He begged, now trying to break free from the rope that binded him. (Please don't, i don't need s
:icondairylandluxray:DairylandLuxray 0 8
It's all about Pokémon! Make yourselves at home!

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